Housing Element

The State of California Housing Element law mandates local governments to adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community. 


The purpose of the Housing Element is to:

  • identify the community's housing needs,
  • state the community's goals and objectives for housing production, rehabilitation, and conservation to meet those needs, and
  • define the policies and programs the community will implement to achieve stated goals and objectives.

The Housing Element is a component of the 2035 General Plan, which provides guiding policy for all growth and development within the City. 


Unlike the other General Plan elements, the Housing Element must be updated every eight years and is subject to detailed statutory requirements and mandatory review by a State agency (Department of Housing and Community Development). 


For more information regarding the Housing Element Update, please contact Community Development - Housing Element.


Housing Element Documents

Policy Document   (PDF 33 pages, 3 MB)           Background Report  (PDF 255 pages, 3.57 MB)

Housing Element Policy Document Housing Element Background Report




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