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Bear Creek East

Bear Creek East Specific Plan would guide the development of a mixed residential, office, commercial, and industrial community in eight separate phases. The project comprises of approximately ±317 acres and include ±73 acres of low density residential, ±109 acres of low/high medium density residential, ±13 acres of high density residential, ±11 acres of commercial, ±5 acres of office, ±9 acres of industrial, ±29 acres of open space, ±25 acres of parks, ±10 acres of school site, and ±34 acres of public-rights-way.


The proposed project site is bounded by Eight Mile Road on the north, Union Pacific Railroad on the east and West Lane on the west and Bear Creek on the south in north Stockton.

Bear Creek East Land Use Map


Bear Creek East Documents (P10-225)

Public Hearing:  City Council February 25, 2014

For questions regarding these documents contact the Community Development Department

These documents are considered a DRAFT until approved Stockton City Council.


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