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Environmental/Other Projects

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that public agencies document and consider the potential environmental effects of any agency actions that meet CEQA's definition of a "project;" briefly summarized, a "project" is an action that has the potential to result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment.  A project includes the agency's direct activities as well as activities that involve public agency approvals or funding.  Guidelines for an agency's implementation of CEQA are found in the "CEQA Guidelines" (Title 14, Chapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations).


Provided that a project is not found to be exempt from CEQA, the first step in the agency's evaluation of the potential environmental effects of the project is the preparation of an Initial Study.  The purpose of an Initial Study is to determine whether the project would involve "significant" environmental effects as defined by CEQA and to describe feasible mitigation measures that would be necessary to avoid the significant effects or reduce them to a less than significant level.  In the event that the Initial Study does not identify significant effects or identifies mitigation measures that would reduce all of the significant effects of the project to a less than significant level, the agency may prepare a Negative Declaration.  If this is not the case, the agency must prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR); the agency may also decide to proceed directly with the preparation of an EIR without preparation of an Initial Study.


Current Development Projects

NorCal Logistics Center

The project site is located on the north side of Arch Road, west of Austin Road and south of Mariposa Road. Regional access to the approximately 331-acre project site is provided by Highway 99. The applicant proposes to subdivide five parcels zoned for industrial use within the City of Stockton. The southern parcel is 56 acres and would be subdivided into 6 lots. The northern four parcels total approximately 275 acres and would be subdivided into 14 lots. The site is served by existing public utilities, which would be extended to the new lots. The proposed project includes internal circulation improvements, including the extension of Newcastle Road to a connection with Mariposa Road.

Bear Creek South

Bear Creek South is a Master Development Plan project located in San Joaquin County immediately north of the current Stockton city limits and is bounded on the north by Bear Creek, on the east by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, on the south of Morada Lane, and on the west by West Lane.  The project totaling approximately 504 acres with up to 3,622 residential dwelling units.  The proposed project would also involve approximately twelve (12) acres of commercial development, twelve (12) acres of K-8 school, and approximately forty-eight (48) acres of parks, parkways as well as public utility facilities.  The project also proposes an Annexation, General Plan Amendment, Pre-zoning, Master Development Plan, Development Agreement and Precise Road Plan Amendment (P10-038),

East Fremont Street Retail Center

For the proposed East Fremont Street Retail Center Project, the project proposes total commercial development in two phases of up to 50,372 square feet of floor space, on an approximately 6.2-acre site.  Phase 1 proposes the construction of three buildings: a Walgreen's retail store, a bank, and a retail building.  No site plans currently have been prepared for Phase 2; however, commercial development is anticipated.  The project also proposes a General Plan Amendment and rezoning of the seven parcels within the project site.  Project located southeast of Fremont Street and Wilson Way. Approved by City Council on May 7, 2013.


Bear Creek East

Bear Creek East Specific Plan is comprised of approximately 317 acres.  The proposed project site is bounded by Eight Mile Road on the north, Union Pacific Railroad on the east and West Lane on the west and Bear Creek on the south in north Stockton.  Public Hearing: City Council February 25,2014.


Approved Major Development Projects

Port of Stockton Development Agreement Project

The City of Stockton (City) proposes to enter into a Development Agreement (DA) (Appendix I) with the Port of Stockton (Port).  The DA would cover future proposed developments at the 2,100-acre Port.  Under the proposed DA, the Port would have vested rights to develop Port facilities consistent with the existing General Plan land use designations, Zoning Ordinance, and development standards adopted by the City.

Approved by City Council on September 25, 2012.


ACE Facility Annexation

The Altamont Commuter Annexation Project (ACE) involved the annexation and Pre-zoning of 230 acres.


Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a planned residential community of 173 acres and approximately 1,343 residential units, designed with a variety of park and open space amenities.  It's located on the south side of Eight Mile Road, east of Bishop Cut and Rio Blanco Road and west side of Westlake at Spanos Park West.


Delta Cove Project

Delta Cove is a planned residential community of 359.5 acres and approximately 1,545 residential units.  The project site is located on the south side of Bear Creek, west side of the future extension of Trinity Parkway and east and north of Mosher Slough.


Mariposa Lakes Specific Plan Project

Mariposa Lakes consist of approximately 3,810 acres of urban development, comprising approximately 11.5 million square feet of industrial and business/professional development; 1.0 million square feet of commercial development; approximately 10,566 low, medium and high-density residential units; and schools, parks, recreation areas, open spaces, and other amenities. 


Sanctuary Master Development Plan

Sanctuary is approximately 7,070 dwelling units, 483,984 square feet of offices, 208,272 square feet of retail, and approximately 100 hotel rooms are planned on the site, along with three lakes, a marina, a private River Club, religious facilities, four schools, orchards, vineyards, a small winery, and extensive recreational open space.  Approximately 1,728-acres of the total 1,839-acres of land are considered develop-able; the remaining 111 acres consists of the Levee Walk.


Tidewater Crossing

Tidewater Crossing Master Development Plan project comprised of a approximately 2,663 dwelling units on 909 acres.  The community consists of a mix of residential, commercial and industrial land uses.  The Master Development Plan will provide a variety of parks, open space, green belts and bike/trial systems along French Camp Slough.  It is located on the southwest of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, west of State Route 99 and northeast of French Camp Road. 


Weston Ranch Towne Center

Weston Ranch Towne Center includes a 232,000 square foot Wal-Mart Super center and proposed 134,720 square foot major retail space.



Major Projects Map reflects Major Development Projects that are received, anticipated and approved.



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