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The City has embarked on a comprehensive update to the City of Stockton’s Development Code that will result in a user-friendly Development Code, serving as an effective tool to implement the recently adopted General Plan, shape future growth, and help realize the community’s vision of promoting investment in the Downtown and historically underserved areas, preserving and enhancing neighborhood character, and improving community health and safety. 



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The City of Stockton is embarking on a comprehensive update of its Development Code. New information will be provided on this webpage as the process moves forward.

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Why Update the Development Code?

The City’s new General Plan, Envision Stockton 2040, represents a substantial change in direction for future development, shifting from emphasizing growth in “outfill” areas at the periphery of the City to focusing on new construction and redevelopment in existing “infill” neighborhoods.

The Development Code Update is necessary to reflect this change in policy direction in the land use and development controls that apply to properties. The objective of the project is to translate the General Plan vision related to land use and development controls into a user-friendly, legally adequate, and effective set of regulations that are relevant to today’s concerns and produce an updated Development Code that is understandable and easy to use.

What is a Development Code?

While the General Plan sets forth a wide-ranging and long-term vision for the City, the Development Code, Title 16 of the City’s Municipal Code, specifies how each individual property can be used to achieve that vision. Development codes are the body of rules and regulations that control what is built on the ground, and what uses occupy buildings and sites. They translate community visions and broad policies into rules and regulations that shape growth and development.

Development codes include the following:

  • Use Regulations: Development codes specify which uses are permitted, which uses are required to meet specified standards or limitations, and which uses are prohibited.
  • Development and Design Standards: Development codes include development and design standards to control the height, bulk, location, and appearance of structures on sites to reflect the desired physical characteristics of the community. Common standards include height limitations, setback requirements, and sign standards.
  • Permit Requirements and Procedures: Development codes contain detailed procedures for the administration of the code, including processes and standards for required permits.

Does the Development Code Affect Me?

Development codes affect everyone - including homeowners, renters, business owners, and development industry professionals. Development Codes touch on issues such as:

  • What types of businesses can be located in commercial and employment areas;
  • How tall a building can be;
  • If a homeowner can construct additional structures, such as an accessory dwelling unit, sheds, or patio covers, on their property;
  • How many parking spaces must be provided for a development; and 
  • What type of permit is required for new construction projects.

What is the Process and How Long Will It Take?

The project will move from research and evaluation of City policies, regulations, and development to the development of an overall framework for the new Development Code. New and updated regulations will be drafted for review and consideration and revised, based on input received. The community is encouraged to participate throughout the process which we anticipate will take about two years.

Who Can Participate?

All residents, business owners, and other stakeholders within Stockton are encouraged to take part in this project and shape the future of the community.


How Can I Get Involved?

We are soliciting citizen participation in all phases of the project. There are many ways to get involved. See the schedule for upcoming meetings and workshops


For additional information, please contact the Community Development Department.


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