The City Clerk serves as the Elections Official for the City of Stockton, consolidating elections with San Joaquin County to reduce the election costs. The City Clerk also manages the nominations for Council office and performs prima facie (first look) review of any petitions filed with the City.

Additional election duties include:

  •     Preparing the Council Candidate Handbook
  •     Receiving and processing Campaign Statements
  •     Receiving and processing Statements of Economic Interests
  •     Monitoring and updating the City's Conflict of Interest Code
  •     Promoting voter registration and participation


Upcoming Elections

The next City election is in 2018 for Councilmembers in Districts 1, 3, and 5.  The nomination period for candidates to run in the 2018 elections will open Tuesday, February 13 and closes Friday, March 9.  Interested candidates should make an appointment with the City Clerk during the nomination period to receive the necessary forms to run for office.  Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment. 

Stockton Election Process

The City conducts elections every two years to fill seats on the City Council. If a candidate for Councilmember nominated from a Council district receives the majority of the votes cast by the voters of that district at the primary municipal election, that candidate shall be deemed elected as Councilmember from that district at the primary municipal election.

If no candidate for Councilmember from a district receives a majority of the votes cast at the primary municipal election, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast shall thereby qualify as candidates for the runoff election for Councilmember from that district. The runoff election for that Council district shall be held at the general municipal election.

For the Mayor's race:

  • If no candidate receives 50% +1 of the vote in the June Primary Election, the top two candidates advance to the citywide run-off election in the November General Election.  
  • If one of the Mayoral candidates receives at least 50% +1 one of the vote in the June Primary Election, there is no run-off election and that candidate assumes office January 1 following the General Election.


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