Billing Information

The City of Stockton provides monthly billing services for the combined utilities of water, sewer, stormwater, and garbage collection to locations in our water service area.



Billing dates and associated delinquent dates are determined by property location and meter reading schedule based on geographical areas. All meters in an area are read at approximately the same time each month, and accounts are then billed.

City utility bills are due 18 days from the bill date and delinquent if not paid within 25 days of the bill date. Postmark date will not be considered proof of payment.

  • Any charges that remain unpaid after 25 days will be assessed a 10% penalty for the first month and 1% per month for each additional month charges remain unpaid.
  • If a bill becomes delinquent, water service at the location may be terminated. (SMC 13.16.270)


Delinquent and Termination Notices

Delinquent notices will be mailed on past due accounts approximately 10 days after the account is past due. If the account remains unpaid, a final termination notice is mailed to the service address approximately 5 days prior to water service being turned off. 

  • Checks will not be accepted on an account once a final termination has been sent until past due amounts are paid in full.  
  • To avoid water service being turned off when the City is the water service provider, the entire balance stated on the delinquent or termination notice must be paid by the date stated.


Non-payment Service Termination

Water, sewer and stormwater services are considered "ready to use" and will be billed monthly as long as the utility account is open. Only water consumption is based on usage.

  • Even if the water is turned off for non-payment, the property is still connected to the City systems and will be billed.
  • Garbage service is not discontinued when water is turned off for non-payment; therefore the charges also continue to be billed.


If water service is turned off for non-payment, water will not be restored or provided to that customer at another address until the amount of all delinquent bills, charges and fees, deposit (if required), and field charge have been paid in full in our office at City Hall. 


No checks will be accepted to restore service turned off for non-payment. Accounts shut off for non-payment paid in full after 4 pm will be restored on the next business day.


Final/Closing Bills

When a customer requests to close a utility account, a service person will be sent on the date requested to read the meter and turn off the water service. A final or closing bill will be sent to the customer approximately 3 weeks after the closing date.


If the customer has opened another account at a different location in the City of Stockton service area, every attempt will be made to apply any charges due or credit refunds from the final bill to the new account.


If the customer has not opened a new City of Stockton utility account and is due a credit refund, the check should be mailed to the forwarding address provided by the customer approximately 4-6 weeks following the final bill date.

For more about utility bills, accounts and charges, please refer to the Municipal Utilities Department's Water Fees and Regulations in the City Fee Schedule or call Utility Billing Customer Service during business hours.



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