Debt and Investments

The Debt and Investments and Cash Management unit of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for three principal functions related to the City's financial management.


Debt management works directly with the City departments in the issuance of new City debt including:

  • coordination of the bond issuance process, 
  • oversight of credit rating agency and investor relations,
  • recommending investment strategies for debt proceeds, and
  • maintaining required financial disclosure reports. 


Investment management includes:

  • investment strategy development, 
  • trade execution, 
  • credit review, and 
  • compliance activities.


Cash management oversees:

  • cash flow/liquidity forecasting, 
  • revenue projections, 
  • City's relationships with various financial services providers, and
  • development and implementatioin of citywide banking policies and services.

Internally, management of debt and investments is dependent upon the cash management for deposit and receipting information upon which investment and cash flow determinations are made; debt is paid; and financial information is reported as required by the federal, state, and City laws and regulations.


Overview of Functional Responsibilities

Interdepartmental Programs

  • Departmental needs assessment - liquidity forecasting
  • Capital improvement project needs coordination
  • City financial, investment and debt policies


Primary Functions - Debt

  • Debt management practices advisement
  • Capital project debt financing issuance coordination
  • Credit rating agency and bond insurer relations
  • City bondholder / investor relations
  • Tax-Exempt Lease Financing Program
  • Tax Revenue Anticipation Note (TRAN) issuance oversight
  • Investment of bond proceeds
  • Continuing bond / financial disclosure

Primary Functions - Investments

  • Investment advisory management contract
  • City portfolio investment analysis
  • Oversight for Investment Review Committee
  • Quarterly report to City Council on investment activity

Primary Functions - Cash Management

  • Cash flow/liquidity forecasting (1 to 5 year outlook) oversee access authority to City operating account banking options via banking web portal
  • Oversight of banking systems and banking relationships
  • Oversight of credit card acceptance / convenience fee policies
  • Oversight of electronic commerce / check processing / returned items
  • Oversight of revenue deposit risk
  • Analysis of banking statement for proper use of banking functions and efficiencies in operations

IRMA Exception Letter    

By publicly posting the written disclosure contained in the link below, the City of Stockton, California, intends that market participants receive and use it for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption to Rule 158 of the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Registration of Municipal Advisors (SEC Municipal Advisor Rule).

SEC Municipal Advisor Rule - Evidence of IRMA Exemption



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