Business License Categories and Fees

An annual registration tax applies for each license, and, depending on the business activity, each business will also pay a mill tax, flat rate, or a combination of both.  


Please see the Stockton Municipal Code for more information about business categories and the application of fees; a link is provided under External Links below.


  • Cannabis
  • General Contractors and Developers
  • Ice Cream Vendors
  • Itinerant Merchants
  • Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, and Public Utility
  • Massage Establishments
  • Motorized Food Wagons
  • Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, and Junk Dealers
  • Peddlers and Solicitors
  • Professions
  • Retail, Rental, and Miscellaneous
  • Speciality Contractors
  • Wholesale and Newspaper Publication 



Penalties accrue at 15% per month of the applicable business license tax due - to a maximum of 60%.  In addition, you may be required to pay 25% in additional penalties for engaging in business without the required license.


External Links

Stockton Municipal Code - Business License and Regulations

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