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City Council Goals

On January 28, 2011, the City Council met to establish goals for the coming year.  The Council has adopted a work plan with 37 Strategic Initiatives to address the following 4 Council Goals:


Goal 1 - Fiscal Sustainability - Getting our fiscal house in order

The Council is committed to improving the City's cost of doing business and focus on providing multi-year fiscal stability.  On June 22, 2010 an Action Plan for Fiscal Sustainability was adopted.  The Plan includes 10 guiding principles for addressing and reducing the City's escalating labor and benefit costs:


Principle 1

The City shall reduce or eliminate "additional pay" categories.


Principle 2

No side agreements or past practices shall be binding on the City unless the agreement or practice is approved in public by the City Council.


Principle 3

The City's labor agreements shall not provide for automatic wage adjustments that are premised on formulae or automatic cost of living inflators.


Principle 4

The City will strive to have its labor agreements expire at the same time - particularly with public safety unions.


Principle 5

The City shall require its employees to make reasonable contributions toward the cost of health care coverage provided throughout the City.


Principle 6

The City shall offer one or more additional health care insurance plans.  The City's contributions shall be negotiated based on the lowest cost plan made available by the City.


Principle 7

The City will require its employees to contribute a fair share of their pension costs.


Principle 8

The City will establish vacation use work rules that limit the accumulation of vacation time and provide for use with management approval to ensure that the needs of the pubic take priority and overtime is minimized.


Principle 9

The City will regain its management rights to supervise, manage and direct its workforce.


Principle 10

The City shall restructure its labor agreements to bring overtime obligations in line with the minimums required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Goal 2 - Increase Public Safety - Both real and perceived


Goal 3 - Economic Development - Facilitate investment & job creation


Goal 4 - Increase Organizational Capacity


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