City Council Goals

The Stockton City Council has developed a Strategic Work Plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year, that provides clear direction and focus, with the following strategic targets and priority goals.


Strategic Targets

  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure


Priority Goals

Tier One

  1. Focus on crime reduction, blight reduction, and outreach for "Hot Zones" and "Hot People."
  2. Adopt a budget and allocate resources consistent with the Long-Range Financial Plan; implement solutions that provide financial transparency to the community.
  3. Develop business incentives, including incentive tools for underserved neighborhoods.
  4. Maximize relationships with partner agencies and organizations in carrying out and funding priority projects.
  5. Develop solutions that address housing infrastructure for the homeless.

Tier Two

  1. Prioritize resource allocation and infrastructure projects to "Hot Zones" within Council Districts.
  2. Engage private employers and the business community in workforce development and job placement; develop an employment pipeline for Stockton residents to Stockton employers.
  3. Achieve full staffing for positions funded through Measure A.



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