Arts Awards

The City of Stockton Arts Commission and the Stockton Art Foundation are already planning the 39th Annual Arts Award Celebrations "Stepping out with the Stars" to recognize the achievements of local artists, arts organizations, and art supporters.


The Arts Awards Celebration is scheduled for October 27, 2018, at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium. For ticket information, please visit the Stockton Arts Commission's Facebook page in External Links below.


Tickets can also be purchased at::

  • Bill's Music Sales, 2321 Pacific Avenue
  • Goodwin Gallery, 1902 Pacific Avenue
  • Eventbrite - Online Ticket Sales

All locations are in the External Links below.


2018 STAR Awards Honorees

  • STAR Award: Paul Kimball and Dominee Muller-Kimball
  • Career Achievement Award: Dirk Hamilton
  • Patron Award: Nishka Yudnich
  • Business of the Arts Award: John X. Fernandez, Jr.
  • Volunteer Award: Tim Ulmer
  • Arts Education Award: Joan Calonico
  • Music Education Award: Elizabeth Sanders
  • Comet Award: Eric Urbina
  • City Award: TOASTCO (Telling Our Authentic Stories Co.)
  • Cultural Arts Award: Wang Seng Thao
  • Literacy Arts Award: Mary Jo Gohlke
  • STARlight Youth Award: Adelisa Creighton


For additional information and programs sponsored by the Arts Commission, please contact the City of Stockton Community Services Department.


External Links

Eventbrite - Tickets for Stepping Out with the Stars

Bill's Music Sales - 2321 Pacific Ave.

Goodwin Gallery - 1902 Pacific Ave.

Stockton Arts Commission - Facebook


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