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What are Archaeological Studies and why are they important?

You don't need to travel across the world to experience archaeology; it is happening in your own city.  Anywhere there have been people, there is the potential for archaeological studies.  Before a big construction project can start, archaeologists are responsible for making sure it does not destroy all the clues to our history. Archaeologists locate, analyze and interpret artifacts or "material culture" of past peoples.


Archaeological studies are necessary to locate and interpret aspects of early Stockton history before they are destroyed.  They also shed light on the daily lives of the early Stockton residents who are largely unknown and who are not mentioned in history books or archives.

 1895 Bird's Eye View Map

This map of Stockton is from 1895.  It is called a "Bird's Eye View" map and it helps archaeologists and historians understand how the city looked more than a century ago.


To learn more, explore the City of Stockton's recently discovered archaeological sites.







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